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Three Elders explore how to renew the world we helped mess up The Way Forward Podcast is dedicated to Regenerative Conversations about the future of humanity and planet. We think we need to re-think the current paradigm. Each episode explores how we can find a positive future forward for society and for ourselves. We explore the question: What is the Way Forward? We don’t have the answers, but we hope to stimulate all of us to imagine what is possible. We bring a wide variety of guests – including people at the leading edge of their field and willing to think out of the box – and engage into stimulating conversations with them, in a place of open curiosity. Topics will include a wide range of issues including environmental change, technology, governance, organizational design, sustainability, international peace, agriculture, and personal renewal. Alain Gauthier and Dr. John Izzo (the co-hosts) and Jim Burke (the producer) offer together more than a hundred years of organizational experience in the forms of consulting, change facilitation, keynote speaking and research/teaching for a wide variety of businesses, non-profits, government, and universities both in the US and abroad. Sponsored by the Elders Action Network – building a movement of elders to address the social, environmental, and governance crises of our times.

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Sunday Oct 23, 2022

Welcome to The Way Forward: Regenerative Conversations Podcast # 3.   I am Jim Burke the producer. While top-down hierarchal organizations have historically been good at addressing complicated issues, we are now faced with complex problems that need a new way of organizing that engages collectively many people who can feel ownership of the issues.   For David Ehrlichman ( one of the biggest challenges our civilization faces in the way forward, is how we as humans organize and concentrate power Our hosts Alain Gauthier and Dr John Izzo talk with David about his journey co-founding Converge and Hats Protocol and writing the book “Impact Networks: Create Connection, Spark Collaboration, and Catalyze Systemic Change”.  We learn that in his early work with non-profits David felt that he was just addressing the symptoms of a massively broken system.  He began asking himself how he could work across organizations and even across sectors.  This led to his work integrating network science and systems thinking into cross-sector multi-stakeholder collaborations.   David talks about a quality of leadership that is facilitative and not directive, where it supports people coming together and discovering what they can do collectively.  David sees this as a deliberate process which allows for emergent results. It is planful, but it plans for emergence. He shares with us that his personal mission [in life] for many years has been to catalyze others to make their greatest contribution.  He feels hopeful because he sees a paradigm shift happening with the increasing focus on networks as a different type of organizing structures. You can email us at ""

Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

Welcome to The Way Forward: Regenerative Conversations podcast number two: The United State has long history of voter’s rights activism and a history of repeated efforts at voter suppression.   Our guest today, John Sorensen, now in his 80s, finds himself and the organization that he founded Elders Action Network at the forefront of the getting-out-to vote movement.  Our hosts Alain Gauthier and Dr John Izzo talk with John, an entrepreneur and former aerospace engineer with a PhD from Stanford, about his journey where he sold his company at the age of 65 and discovered himself spiritually dead. He shares with us the journey and lessons learned which led him to the founding of Elders Action Network.  An organization which has created a movement of elders to address the social, environmental and governance crises of our time.    Contact us at “    

Saturday Aug 20, 2022

John, Alain and Jim as elders talk about why they came together to create this podcast in service of a regenerative future for all and the planet.  This podcast is sponsored by the Elders Action Network.

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