The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations

Three elders ask the questions: Is our existing paradigm working? What do we need to replace it with? How can we contribute to regenerating society, planet and ourselves?

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Saturday Aug 20, 2022

John, Alain and Jim as elders talk about why they came together to create this podcast in service of a regenerative future for all and the planet.  This podcast is sponsored by the Elders Action Network.

The Way Forward: Regenerative Conversations

(about the future of humanity and the planet)


Three Elders explore how to renew the world we helped mess up



The Way Forward Podcast is dedicated to Regenerative Conversations about the future of humanity and planet. We think we need to re-think the current paradigm. Each episode explores how we can find a positive future forward for society and for ourselves. We explore the question: What is the Way Forward? We don’t have the answers, but we hope to stimulate all of us to imagine what is possible. We bring a wide variety of guests – including people at the leading edge of their field and willing to think out of the box – and engage in stimulating conversations with them, in a place of open curiosity.  Topics will include a wide range of issues including environmental change, technology, governance, organizational design, sustainability, international peace, agriculture, and personal renewal.



Our intended audience:

  • any person looking for a new way forward, curious about the future/creative solutions to the most difficult challenges we face.
  • people willing to lead by openly exploring new territories, by questioning their mental habits/former adaptive behaviors (that worked at one time), and modeling new ways of being and acting in the world.



Alain Gauthier and Dr. John Izzo (the co-hosts) and Jim Burke (the producer) offer together more than a hundred years of organizational experience in the forms of consulting, change facilitation, keynote speaking and research/teaching for a wide variety of businesses, non-profits, government, and universities both in the US and abroad.


Sponsored by the Elders Action Network – building a movement of elders to address the social, environmental, and governance crises of our times.



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