Sunday Jul 16, 2023

#15: Can We Decarbonize and Regenerate our Lives: A Conversation with Brian Stewart

As record breaking temperatures are recorded in the United States and across the world during the summer of 2023, Climate Change” and “Global Warming” can no longer be relegated to the future.  For more and more of us it has become a lived experience.  What can we do as individuals, groups and as a society to take action in the face of this ever-emerging crisis. 

Brian Stewart is the founder of “Electrify Now” an all-volunteer organization that believes that electrification through cleaning up your electric supply, electrifying your home, electrifying your ride, and enabling everyone to electrify is the quickest and easiest path to a decarbonized world.

In this far-reaching conversation with Brian, former VP of Sustainability for Nike, he shares with us his journey from the corporate world into retirement and becoming an elder.  In this journey he discovers his passion and current life’s work as a volunteer in the organization that he and his wife founded “Electrify Now”.

With over 30 years of experience in product design, manufacturing, innovation and sustainability, Brian has held senior leadership roles at NIKE Inc.  He is a Principal of Cyan LLC where he works with corporations, universities, and other non-profit organizations. 

We would like to thank our sponsor Elders Action Network “Building a movement of elders to address the environmental, governance and social issues of our time”.

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