Friday Aug 04, 2023

#16: Is the Future Friendly? A Cynical Optimist looks at the Future: A Conversation with Joe Tankersley

Albert Einstein was once asked what question would he most want to know the answer to if he returned to Earth in 500 years, he replied “Is the universe friendly?” We live in a pivotal period where numerous aspects of our modern societies face unprecedented challenges.  Some fear we may already be on the path of societal and environmental collapse.  It is in this context that redefining and reimagining our future becomes not just essential, but urgent.  How do we use foresight and can elders play a special role in creating a regenerative, equitable, and just future for all?

Our guest for this conversation is Joe Tankersley, a renowned futurist, writer, and Walt Disney Imagineer.  With a rich career spanning filmmaking, writing, and imagining futures at Walt Disney, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to our conversation.  He has spent most of his professional life using strategic foresight and storytelling to create compelling visions of better tomorrows.  Joe is an ardent believer in “Practopia”, a future that is measurably better than today and one that requires us to stretch beyond our perceived limits.   Having served on the board of the Association of Professional Futurists, Joe brings expertise and passion to the pressing questions of our time.  He is actively involved in creating better tomorrows, not just in his professional work but also through his commitment to local communities and not-for-profits. Joe is the author of “Reimagining Our Tomorrows: Making Sure Your Future Doesn’t Suck”.

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