Monday Aug 21, 2023

#17: Is a Clean Energy Revolution Possible? A Conversation with Randy MacEwen

In 2005 we deployed less than 1 GW of solar.  By 2023 there was 350 gigawatts of solar produced with a cost reduction of 85 to 90%.   Hydrogen as a renewable energy source has long been promoted for its potential to revolutionize the energy landscape due to its abundance and clean burning nature.  Despite decades of anticipation its widespread adoption and integration into the global energy mix have been slow.  Challenges related to production, storage ,and distribution have hampered its progress.  The narrative of hydrogen 's potential often feels like the play “Waiting for Godot, where the awaited event or person never arrives.

Randy McEwen has always had a longstanding interest in energy conservation and renewable Energy. Early in his career he worked as a lawyer with a focus on mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance. Recognizing the intertwined challenges of energy security, air quality, and climate change, Randy decided to make a significant career shift.  His interest in renewable energy led him to hold executive roles in clean energy companies for the last 20 years, including in hydrogen, fuel cells and solar.   Randy MacEwen has served as CEO and a member of the board of directors of Ballard Power since 2014 which has allowed him to align his career with his passion for energy and environmental conservation

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