Sunday Sep 17, 2023

#19: Finding Purpose and Meaning in the second half of Life: A Conversation with Dr. John Izzo and Alain Gauthier

Retirement is often presented by the media as a time of leaving meaningful work to pursue hobbies, travel, and more time with family.  With increased life expectancy and evolving societal norms, the traditional notion of retirement is undergoing change.  Some people now opt for semi-retirement, gradually reducing their work hours, or they switch careers to less demanding but more fulfilling work.  Others find volunteer opportunities that are consistent with and in line with their passions.  Some pursue spiritual quests and or transformational experiences.   In this conversation using insights from Age Wave’s latest study “the New Age of Aging” we explore the second half of life as a time for those who want to age regeneratively and leave a better world for future generations. 


John Izzo is a globally renowned bestselling author of nine books, a professional and dynamic speaker, inspired storyteller, and highly acknowledged business advisor. In his career he has spoken to over one million people, taught at three major universities, and advised over 700 top companies on activating social responsibility and purpose worldwide. John is currently an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia, where he is a co-founder of Blueprint, serves on the board of Sustainable Brands and co-hosts The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations podcast.


Alain Gauthier has a 55-year history as an international consultant, facilitator, educator, and author.  He began his journey working with multinational corporations, NGOs, and universities. In his later career, he focused on developing co-leadership emphasizing compassion and dialogue to nurture authentic relationships.  As an elder and a volunteer with Elders Action Network (EAN) he is passionate about integrating the inner, inter, and outer dimensions of regeneration – at a time when our patterns of thought and behavior are challenged by the multi-faceted crisis facing society. He initiated a Visionary Planning Process and co-created the Regenerative Elder Process (REP) – which has been offered by Elders Action Network to elders who want to renew themselves while contributing to the regeneration of their communities.

We would like to thank our sponsor Elders Action Network “Building a movement of elders to address the environmental, governance and social issues of our time”.

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