Sunday Oct 01, 2023

#20: Overshoot and Collapse: Is That What Our Future Holds? A Conversation with Jim Anest

On YouTube and in current books, stories of pending societal collapse are increasingly apparent.  Are we just experiencing the recurrence of the age-old theme” the end is near” or is something new happening?  Are the increasing climate catastrophes, supply chain shortages, rising fuel and food prices caused by our growing environmental footprint? Are they symptoms of pending societal collapse? Are we in denial of this “new abnormal”?  

Drawing from the recent work of Jem Bendell, we explore his provocative new book “Breaking Together: A Freedom-Loving Response to Collapse”.   Our guest for this conversation is Jim Anest.  Jim is an environmentalist, grandfather, musician, intellectual, and retired senior environmental policy analyst for the State of Washington.

Jim comes to this conversation with a remarkable history of community service and activism.  After attending Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, he worked as a small-town lawyer for 6 years, where he represented anti-nuclear civil disobedience defendants, battered women, and a case for the ACLU.  Most of his career he worked for the Washington State Department of Ecology focusing on toxic cleanup and shoreline management. He also worked with The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, where he helped create a compliance program for a state agency that bought the best pieces of land in the state and protected them forever (with a portfolio of over 9,000 grants, valued at over $3 billion dollars). Jim also helped create an intentional cohousing community about 15 years ago in Olympia, Washington, where he and his wife still live. He is also an avid hiker, reader, swimmer, piano player, and conversationalist.


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