Sunday Oct 15, 2023

#21: Can Health Span be increased: A Conversation with Jim Burke the producer and the guest for this Podcast:

Health span is the period of life during which you are generally healthy and free from serious chronic disease. In the United States the average lifespan historically has been lower compared to many developed countries. The U.S. also faces challenges with chronic disease, obesity and other health issues which negatively impact health span.  In 2016 the average life expectancy at birth in the US was 79 years while the health span was only 68.5 years.  This meant 10.5 years where a US resident experienced a decreased quality of life, an increased burden of disease and an increase in their health care cost.    Is this the future each of us faces?

Drawing from experience and study of Lifestyle Medicine, we explore this challenging subject with our guest today, Jim Burke. Jim spent 25 years as a health care clinician and manager for the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  He is a retired physician assistant and MSW.  He currently a Diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and hold a Nutritarian Coach Certificate. 

Show Notes: In this conversation Jim Burke draws from the work of T. Colin Campbell PhD (The China Study), John Robbins (Healthy at 100), Blue Zones, Joel Fuhrman MD (Eat for Life), Michael Greger MD and Peter Attia MD (Outlive).

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