Monday Dec 18, 2023

#25: Gen Z: Engaging with and learning from them– A Conversation with Maia Ervin.

How do we find hope or optimism about a regenerative future in the 21st century? For many of the guests on this podcast it has been their experience with young people that inspires hope.  In our conversation with Maia Ervin, Chief Impact Officer at JUV Consulting, we explore Generation Z as they emerge into adulthood.  Gen Z’s are now in their teens and twenties and are asking different questions.    What cultural, societal, and geopolitical experiences have imprinted this generation?  How does business engage and work with this generation who quite frankly challenge the way things are currently done and who do not want a seat at the table but want to flip it? How do organizations and government respond to Generation Z’s demands that they do the right thing in addressing the issues of equality, democracy, and the environment? 

Maia is a dynamic and multifaceted professional known for her strong commitment to multicultural marketing, focusing on amplifying the stories of marginalized communities through purpose-driven campaigns and activations.  She serves as the Chief Impact Officer of Juv Consulting helping clients develop purpose-driven campaigns and impactful storytelling opportunities.  She formerly served as their Chief People Officer.  She has a degree in communication and media studies and is working on her MBA.  JUV consulting is a marketing consultancy firm that specializes in understanding and reaching Generation Z.  It is known for its unique approach, employing a team primarily composed of Gen Z’s to offer authentic and firsthand insights into the preferences and behaviors of their peers. By doing so, JUV Consulting positions itself as a bridge between traditional business strategies and the emerging consumer and worker base of young people.

We would like to thank our sponsor Elders Action Network “Building a movement of elders to address the environmental, governance and social issues of our time”.

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