Sunday Jan 28, 2024

#27: A World Drowning in Waste-Innovation in Recycling: A Conversation with Tom Szaky

There is a growing problem in our approach to waste in this country and the world. Our global consumption has increased, leading to a significant rise in waste production and the materials we are using are often less desirable for recyclers due to their declining economic value. This trend has led to a decrease in recycling.

Tom Szaky a pioneering entrepreneur and environmental thought leader is best known as the founder and CEO of TerraCycle, a global recycling company that specializes in handling difficult-to-recycle materials. Born in Hungary and raised in Canada, Tom developed an early passion for sustainability, which led him to create TerraCycle while still a student at Princeton University. Under his leadership, TerraCycle has expanded into over 20 countries and has become a prominent name in eco-friendly waste management, with innovative programs like the Loop platform that promotes reusable packaging. Tom is also a prolific author, contributing his insights and experiences to several books on environmentalism and entrepreneurship. His notable works include "Revolution in a Bottle: How TerraCycle is Redefining Green Business," "Outsmart Waste: The Modern Idea of Garbage and How to Think Our Way Out of It," "Make Garbage Great: The TerraCycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle," and "The Future of Packaging: From Linear to Circular." Through his ventures and writings, Tom has become a leading advocate for regenerative business practices and a circular economy, influencing both industry and consumer behavior towards environmental responsibility.

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