Sunday Feb 11, 2024

#28: The Middle East in Crisis: A Conversation with Barbara Slavin

With the humanitarian crisis and ongoing conflict in Gaza and the Middle East on all our minds, passions run high as world leaders and nations attempt to navigate the complexities of this difficult situation and help all parties find a mutually agreeable solution.   This episode features an in-depth look at the pressing issues facing the Middle East with Barbara Slavin. From the roots of the Iran-US confrontation to the humanitarian and political crises in Gaza, Barbara offers her comprehensive insights into the region's turmoil. Her analysis not only highlights the intricacies of these conflicts but also discusses potential pathways to peace, emphasizing the importance of diplomatic and multilateral efforts.

Barbara Slavin is a Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center and a lecturer in international affairs at George Washington University. With a career spanning journalism and policy analysis, her rich journalistic background includes coverage of key foreign policy issues and firsthand reporting from the region. Barbara's insights into the Iran-US dynamic and her advocacy for nuanced, informed approaches to conflict make her a respected figure in international affairs and she has emerged as a leading voice on US foreign policy, particularly regarding Iran and the Middle East. Barbara's work includes founding the Future of Iran Initiative and authoring "Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies," reflecting her deep engagement with the complexities of international relations and conflict resolution.  She is a contributor to the Stimson Center’s “Middle East Perspectives” where you can find her article “American Deaths Add More Reason to End the Gaza War Now”.

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