Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

# 32: An Activist's Journey-Confronting Power from Forests to Climate a conversation with Tzeporah Berman.

How can we harness the power of activism to transform the environmental landscape and policy worldwide? Today we address this pressing question with Tzeporah Berman, whose life's work exemplifies the profound impact that dedicated activism can have on our planet's future. With a unique blend of direct action and policy advocacy, Tzeporah has navigated the complex interplay between grassroots movements and governmental strategies to spearhead sustainable change. Join us as we uncover the layers of her transformative journey and delve into the significant roles that activists play in shaping environmental policy.

 We will explore Tzeporah's early encounters with activism and how these experiences set the stage for her later work influencing national and international environmental strategies. From standing in a logging blockade to sitting at negotiation tables, her story is one of passion, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to the environment. We'll also discuss the critical changes needed in global climate policy today and how each of us, especially our elders, can contribute to a legacy of a regenerative future for humanity and our planet.

Tzeporah Berman, is a celebrated Canadian environmental activist, author, and educator, whose influence has shaped both policy and activism across the globe. Known for her dynamic role in the 1992–93 logging blockades in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, Tzeporah has been a formidable force in environmental circles. She holds a BA with Honors from the University of Toronto and a master’s in environmental studies from York University, and she has been recognized with an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of British Columbia for her environmental advocacy.

She has served on British Columbia's Green Energy Task Force and Alberta's Oil Sands Advisory Group, providing strategic recommendations on sustainable energy practices. Currently, she teaches at York University, and is the International Director of and leads the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, focusing on global strategies to combat climate change. Tzeporah's work has earned her numerous accolades, positioning her as a leader and visionary in the environmental movement.  Her Ted Talk “Quitting Fossil Fuels” has had over 2 million views. 

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