Friday May 17, 2024

#33, The Transformative Power of Nature: A Conversation with Dana Carman

Welcome to this episode of The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations podcast, where we delve into transformative ideas and pressing issues that shape the future of humanity and our planet. Today, we explore the profound impact of nature on leadership and personal transformation. As we navigate through unprecedented global challenges, it is crucial to find new ways to lead and live, particularly for those of us in midlife and beyond.

Dana Carman, our esteemed guest, is at the forefront of integrating nature into leadership development. With over two decades of experience, Dana has guided countless leaders and their teams through transformative journeys, utilizing nature as a powerful tool for introspection and growth. His deep connection with nature and his 30-year friendship with our co-host Alain Gauthier enrich this conversation with unique insights and personal anecdotes.

Dana's journey in human and organizational transformation began in 1984. Since then, he has worked with leaders from more than 200 visionary organizations across five continents, including healthcare systems, multi-nationals, governments, and NGOs. Co-founding consulting firms like Clarion Consulting, Action Inquiry Associates, and Pacific Integral, Dana has pioneered development programs. Dana's company, Integral Consulting, specializes in guiding complex organizational change through an Integral Whole Systems Approach, helping clients achieve breakthrough results and cultivate cultures of agility, resilience, and trust.   Dana and Joel Yanowitz run Wayfinding Leadership, a consulting firm dedicated to guiding leaders and teams through transformative experiences in nature, fostering greater alignment, authenticity, and effectiveness in facing contemporary challenges. His passions for telemark skiing, hiking, backpacking, and stand-up paddleboarding reflect his deep connection with the natural world, which he seamlessly integrates into his work.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsor, Elders Action Network, which is dedicated to building a movement of elders addressing social, governance, and environmental justice. Their missions align perfectly with our podcast's vision of empowering elders to make a meaningful impact.

Thank you for joining us today.  Before we dive into this enriching conversation with Dana Carman, we will hear a few words from host Dr. John Izzo

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