Monday Jun 03, 2024

# 34: Intergenerational Climate Activism: a conversation with Change the Chamber

In this episode, hosts Dr. John Izzo and Alain Gauthier engage in a conversation with youth climate activists Tony Passino and Sarah Hill from the organization Change the Chamber. The discussion revolves around the resurgence of youth activism on college campuses, particularly in relation to the climate emergency. Tony and Sarah share their personal journeys into activism and discuss the work their organization does in fighting the fossil fuel lobby by targeting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and advocating for climate-friendly policies.

The conversation delves into the growing anxiety among younger generations about the future of the planet and the importance of finding hope and determination in the face of the climate crisis. The guests and hosts explore the power of intergenerational collaboration in addressing these issues, emphasizing the need for both younger and older generations to work together and hold each other accountable. They also discuss the upcoming collaborative events between Change the Chamber and Elders Climate Action, highlighting the significance of intergenerational solidarity in the fight against climate change.(June 11 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EDT and June 25 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EDT)

Tony is a passionate environmental activist currently working on his PhD. His journey into activism began after the passing of his grandfather, whose impact on the community inspired Tony to get involved. Initially focusing on tobacco control and vaping prevention, Tony eventually shifted his focus to environmental activism, which led him to work with Change the Chamber.

Sarah's activism journey started in middle school when they became concerned about the environmental impact of Styrofoam lunch trays used in the school they attended. Sara is a nonbinary climate activist who is a current Climate Fellow and the Outreach and Response Coordinator for Change the Chamber Lobby for Climate. They earned their Masters of Energy and Environmental Management this past May.

We would like to thank our newest sponsor, Elders Climate Action.  They are dedicated to mobilizing elders to address climate change through education, advocacy, and action, ensuring a sustainable and just future for all generations. We would also like to thank Elders Action Network for co-sponsoring this podcast and supporting the voices we bring to these important conversations.


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