Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

#2 The New Role for Elders-A conversation with John Sorensen, founder of Elders Action Network

Welcome to The Way Forward: Regenerative Conversations podcast number two:

The United State has long history of voter’s rights activism and a history of repeated efforts at voter suppression.   Our guest today, John Sorensen, now in his 80s, finds himself and the organization that he founded Elders Action Network at the forefront of the getting-out-to vote movement. 

Our hosts Alain Gauthier and Dr John Izzo talk with John, an entrepreneur and former aerospace engineer with a PhD from Stanford, about his journey where he sold his company at the age of 65 and discovered himself spiritually dead.

He shares with us the journey and lessons learned which led him to the founding of Elders Action Network.  An organization which has created a movement of elders to address the social, environmental and governance crises of our time.


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