Monday Feb 26, 2024

# 29: Reflections on this Moment: A Year of Regenerative Conversations.

 In this special anniversary episode of "The Way Forward: Regenerative Conversations," hosts Dr. John Isso, Alain Gauthier, and producer Jim Burke reflect on a year of impactful conversations with a diverse array of guests, from biologists and CEOs to indigenous experts, climate scientists and elders finding purpose in their third act. Celebrating 28 episodes of exploring alternatives for humanity and the planet's future, they delve into the current state of global affairs, including elections, wars, and climate change, highlighting the urgency for societal transformation. These episodes serve as a meditation on the lessons learned and the paths forward, inviting listeners to consider the changes necessary for a sustainable and equitable world. Through engaging dialogues, the hosts and their guests have illuminated the complexities of our times, offering insights into possibilities for democracy, governance, technology, and intergenerational wisdom. As "The Way Forward" enters its second year, it continues to inspire actionable hope and encourages a collective effort towards regeneration, being good ancestors and a positive future for all generations current and future.

We would like to thank our sponsor Elders Action Network “Building a movement of elders to address the environmental, governance and social issues of our time”.

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